Zoe Corrigan


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Factory-farming animals has boomed in the past 30 years and will only continue to grow more rapidly as the global population increases. The current effect it has on the environment is already detrimental and will only get worse as time goes on. That’s why for my project, I want to show consumers the environmental cost of animal products and encourage them to lower their meat consumption.

Carma is a food tracking app that shows the carbon footprint of your supermarket shop. It supports you towards eating a more plant-based diet, through an informative food index and recipe ideas. It gives you the ability to see the changes you’re making through clear visuals and real-world comparisons. The aim of Carma isn’t to shame people into becoming vegetarian or vegan. It’s to create awareness and show people how even just reducing their meat intake can make a difference. Consumers should feel positive and happy about taking action towards this cause. ‘Food is the single strongest lever to optimise human health and environmental sustainability on Earth’. We have the power to make a difference, so why not use it?

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