Tahlia Stace

Banana Bread

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

The first lockdown had the whole universe creating banana bread. More trends soon followed, like Zoom dates and running.  

For my project, I wanted to take these trends and use them to make more meaningful connections while we’re trapped in our houses. Banana Bread is a short series of books that inspire long-distance connections in a fun and more thoughtful way. Whether you're in a long-distance relationship, national lockdown or just being anti-social, the purpose of this series is to help liven up communication when you can't see your loved ones. The idea first came to me by seeing how the pandemic has caused a social shift in all types of relationships. Isolation gave us a new perspective on what is important. How might we steer away from feeling isolated and make more enjoyable social connections?  

I’ve enjoyed my time at Ara, learning new strategies in design and how to work quickly. Design brings identity to a project, and I look forward to working with creative people where we can bring together our unique perspectives.

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