Stephanie Wallace


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

The fast fashion industry has consumed our lives with its ever-changing styles and ideas. The convenience of fast fashion has made it easy for people to purchase new clothing. This is causing a big problem in the world as fabric waste can't be recycled and therefore ends up in our landfills. What if there was a way to create clothing that expresses our identity as well as reducing fabric waste so we can be more environmentally sustainable?  

Based on my research, most people are willing to act more sustainably by sewing their own clothing instead of purchasing new clothes. This led me to create Evolve, a seasonal sewing subscription brand that encourages young people to sew their own clothes. It aims to educate people on how to do basic sewing skills and reduce fabric wastes. Evolve sewing kits provide basic sewing essentials and thrifty fabrics that are ready to be transformed into your own style of clothing for each season.  

I knew from the start I wanted to design something that would impact our future for the better. My time at Ara has taught me the skills and techniques that led me to create this project. I look forward to working in the creative industry with designers who share the same values as I do.

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