Sophie Alexander

Little Feasts

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Little Feasts is a brand that focuses on sustainable diets for children. I’ve always loved cooking and think it’s an important skill to have, so I wanted an outcome that encourages children to make their own lunches for school.  

After researching sustainable diets in New Zealand, not many families consider sustainability when choosing food for their kids’ lunches. Little Feasts makes school lunches easier for parents who know their kids are eating healthy, sustainable lunches.  I’ve enjoyed the design process for this project; brand identity is one of my favourite things to design and I like that I’ve been able to combine my love for design and food.  

These last few years at Ara have been eye-opening for me, as I’ve discovered my passions and have been able to develop my design skills. Each project is a different challenge so being an adaptable problem solver is the most important skill I’ve learnt. I love how design feels so natural to me, it’s challenging at times but overall, I'm having fun with it. A goal of mine is to get involved in the music industry, designing albums and merch for music artists. Although the future can seem intimidating, I’m very excited to see where design takes me.

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