Rosie Gant


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Sustain is a fashion-forward sustainability project with the goal of inspiring and educating people on our unhealthy relationship with the fast fashion industry as consumers. This is accomplished through fostering a feeling of community in New Zealand in order to reduce textile waste by swapping items in your wardrobe with friends for events and other occurrences that arise in our busy lifestyles.

Through my research, I found that although people are aware of the growing environmental impact that textile waste is causing, it isn’t at the forefront of our minds when shopping. Large-scale change in the world - in my opinion - begins with ourselves and our mindset. I believe that through altering aspects of our consumerism we can become more focused on the things in our life that matter to us.    

Coming to the end of my studies, I’ve found that I’ve grown exponentially, not only as a person but also as a graphic designer. My passion and drive for the design industry have only strengthened. I believe that the knowledge and skills that I’ve learnt so far will help guide me into the next step of my career.

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