Renée Pitt

Rejoem Display

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

This year I decided to try my luck at designing my own typeface. Rejoem display is the result of this challenge, a font exploring the impact of collective identity. It reflects on feelings, emotions and the idea of these themes through its unique indented stems, playful soft edges and friendly curves. It aims to articulate these feelings through form. The overall project is a document of precious ephemera; an archive of the experience of being a triplet.

I’ve explored a lot within design while studying here at Ara. I particularly enjoy packaging design, print, brand expression and obviously, type. I think I spent too many hours fixing straight lines and making Bézier curves in my last six months here, but it has opened my mind to think even more about design and I’ll never look at a font the same way again.  I hope to continue working on projects I’m passionate about and to work with some cool people who see the purpose and meaning in design just like I do.

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