Rebecca Joseph

Ask Arlo

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Technology is an ever-changing world and the science behind social media and the effects of technology are only beginning to be discovered.

Imagine if you could master your digital environment and help your kids to do so too. Ask Arlo is a facilitated program to help create a positive relationship with technology for caregivers and their children aged 9-12. It’s designed to help users learn about technology and the beauty of it, but also help them understand the challenges and the dangers of this growing world.

Our World is being distorted by special effects. From TV shows to Instagram pictures, screens are filtering the world - creating addictive relationships with personal devices for all ages and affecting our younger generations especially. These relationships with our screens are impacting mental health and personal worth. Our younger generations need to be able to see the real world and Ask Arlo is the platform to support them in learning.

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