Max Silva


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

We hear a lot about climate change and the effects it's having on the world, but we don't stop to think how much of an impact we are having on the small islands. The entire Pacific region contributes the least to climate change, yet millions of Pacific Islanders are subjected to bearing the severe impact of climate change, which is undeniably an existential threat to their homeland, culture, livelihoods, and Pacific identity.  

My desire to create change and awareness of the ongoing problem of climate change is reflected in my final project. The aim of wayfinding is to empower Pacific Peoples to become the global navigators through climate change. I’ve designed a brand and a campaign to bring awareness and give Pacific Islanders a voice as they are unheard, not voiceless.  

Wayfinding is a movement that focuses on encouraging Pacific Islanders to tackle the issues of climate change and bringing awareness to the issues that are threatening their homeland. The website will have a petition to make a change, sending a message to developed nations that there’s a need for a system change, not climate change.

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