Matt Woolman


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

SHFTD, my unique project, consists of t-shirts that double as wearable magazines, with article headlines on the front and body text inside.  

I’m passionate about fashion and my goal is to raise awareness and start a conversation about sustainable fashion issues. SHFTD is a grungy, typography-based brand with bright colours and edgy text layouts designed to target young people influenced by fast-fashion. Research has demonstrated that current sustainable clothing brands tend to sacrifice appeal to this group. I believe SHFTD is a brand that is both fashionable and contributes to sustainability.  

I’ve enjoyed designing this brand, and my time spent at Ara. Ara has allowed me to cement my strengths in communication and working in a team. It’s also helped me to build confidence to bring what I’ve learned from family, friends, and my experience as a tennis player/coach, into the design field. I’m excited to continue learning and developing my skills further.
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