Liam Scrase


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Modern society is becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, resulting in the degradation of our health as a species. Millennia supplements provide people with a convenient way to obtain the health of our ancestors as well as restore our natural environment. The aim is to reduce customer confusion using the simple evolutionary principles that are at the core of Millennia.  

When designing Millennia, I was inspired heavily by the cave paintings that were created by hunter-gatherers during the Upper Palaeolithic era. This aesthetic gives the brand an authentic and organic feel that distinguishes itself from many of the clinically designed supplements on the market. Throughout the project, I found the experimentation of combining illustration and 3D modelling to be interesting and challenging.  

In the future, I hope to further my creativity and technical ability as a I continue to work in graphic design or any creative field that I aspire to.

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