Leila Shearer


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Absorb is here to refresh children’s experiences with healthy eating. Kids are more likely to eat food they’ve helped to prepare and cook. Our food box allows them to take charge of what they eat and have fun making their own lunches.

Mealtimes aren’t just a necessity, they’re an opportunity to explore and try new things. Absorb gamifies everyday life by providing daily missions and a reward system for our adventurers. Our goal, and yours, is to help our children build positive relationships with eating healthy food. We give them the ability to gain independence and a sense of achievement.  

A part of this degree that has stood out to me is using words and imagery to portray a message. In my own time, I enjoy the creativity of poetry and illustrations, which have helped with my projects over the years. This is a large part of why I decided to study Visual Communication and I’m looking forward to finding more opportunities after I graduate.

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