Kate Rennie

The Pumpkinickles

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

I’m a graphic artist, specialising in hand-drawn and digital illustration. Though my passion lies in sequential narratives, picture-books and publication work, I also create logos, album covers, posters, print/layout design and merchandising. 

Previously, I studied creative fiction and non-fiction at the University of Canterbury. My poetry was included in an anthology of poetry published in 2020, called ‘broken lines / in charcoal,’ by Pūkeko Publications. I also currently act as a sub-tutor at Write On - School for Young Writers.  

My final project features The Pumpkinickles; comic book characters created to promote the acceptance of gender-variant children, as they are largely underrepresented in children’s picture books. After writing the draft manuscript of The Pumpkinickles at the Institute of Modern Letters, I illustrated and refined a few concepts which you see here.   

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