Hannah Sutton


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Whether it’s mending clothing, connections, or relationships with others within our community, it all starts when we work together. Mend was designed with a single purpose: to encourage change. We want to raise awareness surrounding the issues of fast fashion and encourage others in our community to learn from those who have the knowledge and expertise to move past such problems.  

From past experience, we know that the key to change starts with communication, and by harnessing this ideal, Mend has been created as a speaker-series event in collaboration with local fashion retailers, with a goal to start a conversation. People are open to change, and are often willing to change their habits, but often don’t have the resources available to do so. By creating a safe and informed space we can learn both from and with each other, and as a community we can work together to encourage one another to be open to change in future.

At the end of the day, although consumers may just come to events to listen, by making an impact we can encourage them to mend their own part of the problem in future.

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