Ella O’Donoghue

Voisin Fermentary

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Beer was traditionally brewed by women in the 1500s, but as a woman I feel alienated by the industry’s male-focused beers and marketing. Voisin Fermentary aims to change people’s perception of traditional beer marketing and make it more inclusive.  

Affordable gluten-free beer is almost impossible to find. I saw an opportunity to create a product without the bloating, to leave you feeling light and totally guilt free. Local botanicals like kāmahi, stoned fruits, lavender and citrus are used to show that all beer doesn’t have to taste the same, while my imagery is designed to indulge the senses and enchant.

Moths are known as ‘the butterflies of the night’ and symbolise the change that Voison represents: a beer designed for female customers for a change! Voisin leaves you feeling empowered; when you drink this beer, you can stay true to who you are. We’re women reclaiming brewing as an artform by creating an inclusive product that’s health conscious, sustainable and alluring.

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