Ella Bergkessel


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Simili, in a nutshell is a positive space for people to celebrate their differences, connect with others and shift their perspective of the world.  

People throughout history have been divided by their differences - what I want to do is to change that pattern and encourage people to connect through their differences. The need for something like this became apparent to me after watching the rise in hate crimes following the spread of the pandemic. Sick of the fear and hatred that I was seeing across social media, I realised that there needed to be something to help people see their similarities and celebrate their differences. To do this, I decided to focus on a tool that has connected humans across the world throughout centuries: stories.

I’ve created an app with a promotional campaign aimed at adults who are curious and open to learning more about the world they live in and the people around them. The app provides fun and interactive learning experiences, a chance to read and share stories, and a positive space to connect with others on the app. In creating this, I hope to see the spread of interactive learning, sharing of cultures and religions and an openness across the world to people's differences. After all, our diversity is what makes us human.  

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