Charlotte Stringer

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

The current climate crisis is an ever-growing issue that puts so much pressure on our generation to ‘fix’ all the mistakes made in the past.

Through my research, I found that small tasks alone can’t cure global warming or rising sea levels, but if we all worked together as a community to complete simple goals every day - which hopefully leads to good habits - we can make a big difference and preserve our natural resources for years to come. The environment has concerned me for a long time and I wanted to figure out if my small efforts were making a difference.  

This project taught me a lot about our planet. While researching, I found that most information online is difficult for the everyday person to understand at a deeper level. I wanted to create a simple solution to a massive problem, one step at a time. Habit is about celebrating the little things, like turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, or walking instead of driving.

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