Ashleigh Broadhurst

Grubby Kai

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Grubby Kai, in a nutshell, is all about inspiring growth for your whānau. I’ve combined the essentials of quality family time with a chance to grow education, challenges and a happy and healthy lifestyle, all while getting a little grubby.  

As the generations pass by us, we slowly lose connections to our roots. We have a land filled with rich Māori culture and a land lined with organic produce to fuel our bodies. While perceptions change and our connections grow weak, we lose the most important part of who we are as a nation. As I discovered this harsh reality, I questioned: How might we encourage young Kiwi families to grow their own produce, as a way of growing deeper connections between Māori culture and nourishing the mind and body.  

Thus, Grubby Kai was born… to provide education, encourage growth and challenge perceptions, just by growing produce right in your own māra (garden). I’ve gathered valuable information, guides, tips and products to encourage whānau contribution and life-long values and education. The app guides users through every process; from notifications/reminders to plant and harvest crops, to Māori legends and stories to keep you connected. Grubby Kai expresses an authentic feeling of life. Chaotic, challenging and above all empowering.

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