Ash Lawson


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Attachment theory explains that the way a child is raised has a deep impact on the type of person they’ll become and the kind of relationships they will have. A person either has a healthy attachment style or one of three unhealthy styles. However, even someone considered ‘healthy’ usually experiences parts of the unhealthy styles.  

It’s not too late for those who ended up with unhealthy attachment styles to change things for the better. Understanding how your attachment style works can help you make sense of things and overcome repeated problems. The easy answer for this is to see a therapist! But my research shows that most young adults who want help resist therapy for many reasons.  

Self is a card game created in three packs - one for each attachment style. Self is here to help you get to know yourself and start the conversation on why you are the way you are, for those who don’t want to see someone about it. Everyone is deserving of a healthy relationship with themselves and others. But how can you be yourself if you don’t know yourself?  

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