Anjali Budhia


Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

The idea behind Wrapt stemmed from my love of gift giving. However, behind the excitement and joy of it all, a heavy toll is being placed on our environment.  

It’s no surprise that during the holiday season we tend to produce substantially more waste, due to unwanted gifts and excess wrapping materials, like bubble wrap and paper. Sadly, a lot of these mediums can't be recycled through normal waste channels. Wrapt is a campaign that promotes and encourages mindful gift giving. Its key message is to: ‘give a gift that keeps on giving'. The name originates from the slang word, wrapped. The definition, while being the past tense of ‘wrap’, can also reflect the feelings of delightedness we experience when we receive a gift.  

While not only thinking about the quality of the gift, Wrapt looks to lower the amount of waste produced around the holiday season. I was heavily inspired by the concept of ‘circular product design’ which encourages the concept of repeatable, recyclable processes. This involved exploring new design mediums, ensuring that products would fit this criteria. Wrapt's goal is for gift-giving individuals to change their habits and give mindfully by making sustainable choices.  

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