Alice Rose

Snow Lies

Bachelor of Design
Visual Communication

Are fairy tale villains actually responsible for the crimes we’ve charged them with? Misinformation once seemed like harmless human curiosity and convenient stories to make sense of complex issues. With recent world events, the spread of misinformation has proven to have the capability to cause distrust in science and democracy, and to radicalise peers.  

People process information more efficiently when it’s conveyed through narrative form, and once these narratives are established, information that challenges it is often resisted. Misinformation capitalises on this, which is why it can be so compelling and difficult to correct. Snow Lies explores fake news in fairy tales and offers a new perspective on the villains. Traditionally, fairy tales were used to teach lessons on societal values.  

I’ve drawn on this by using them to demonstrate the framework of misinformation, while simultaneously making associations between fake news and fiction. I have a keen interest and find enjoyment in the process of creative problem solving, research and developing concepts. Ara has provided me with new methods and techniques to draw on and has challenged me to think even further outside of the box. “What if?” is a question I’ll continue asking.

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