Sam Parrott

Bachelor of Design

I have long experienced a profound calming effect while practicing landscape photography. I set out to express that in my final portfolio work here at Ara. I’ve used New Zealand’s wonderful landscape and temperamental weather to study a chosen location. This landscape study is my meditation. I set out with the hope of travelling all up and down the South Island of Aotearoa, visiting well-known locations like Aoraki/Mt Cook, Tekapo, Queenstown and Milford Sound. But after a three-day visit to Temple Basin in Arthur’s Pass, I realised that perhaps revisiting one location over and over and really musing over the detail would be more akin to meditation.

Rather than rush around in a blind panic trying to get the ideal weather for each location, I got to experience all weather types and conditions and really capture the soul and true experience of Temple Basin for my project, Temple Meditation. I experienced a serene calm while walking among the light snow flurries and fog on the mountain pass. I’ll be back to revisit and recapture Temple Basin in the future.

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