Pristy Xu

Bachelor of Design

I am the person behind the camera who prefers working with natural light, capturing moments and creating memories. Telling stories from a lifestyle and documentary perspective is where my heart truly lies in photography. Creating images that capture the present and all the emotions and interactions makes everything unique in the camera. I stay away from posed, everyone says “cheese” images. I try to let my audience see unconditional love and fun when they look back on these images in years to come.

My project focused on the family photo, which are the most ordinary moments you do not realise in your daily life in all families. Every family is an independent individual unit, but with a lot of similarities. I hope my work will remind you of the touching moments in your family life.

Three years of learning was full of fun and challenges to get through but, of course, I have also achieved a lot with practical skills and theory, which help me better understand the meaning of a photograph and other artworks and finally create my own.

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