Emily Pitt

Bachelor of Design

Choosing to study a degree in something I am passionate about was one of the best decisions I have made so far. I’ve loved every moment, experience, and chance I’ve had to learn and grow my photographic skills. I started with little knowledge and without an understanding for what I enjoyed the most about photography. The elective courses I selected have helped me find new ways to create alternative work. As a third-year student, I’ve found a love for abstract art and photography.

For my final project I wanted to do something that I can relate to personally, something that’s close to my heart. Being a triplet is a unique experience that not many others understand, and it’s something I’ve always treasured. This project is a way for me to express myself as a triplet and as an individual. The images I’ve produced have come from feelings of lifelong connection. I want viewers to take away this idea and have an insight into what this experience is like. I plan to continue creating interesting imagery and explore this theme further.

After graduating I want to work in a creative environment, focusing on photography alongside like-minded people.

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