Chris Curtis

Bachelor of Design

As an artist, I am passionate about immersing myself creatively in projects that evoke some sort of emotional response. My degree in photography has provided me with the opportunity to study and acquire skills that are applicable to all aspects of visual narratives.

The short film thriller Half-Truth is my most recent endeavour and is a study and application of the many psychological mechanisms in which moving images combined with sounds elicit emotional responses. Film synopsis: When an inspired fiction writer feels confined by his occupation as a ‘fluff-piece’ news journalist, his only option in life becomes paving his own pathway to success. Half-Truth follows the story of a man led on a journey to discover his newfound purpose: to carry out crimes from his own fictional written works in real life, ensuring himself the gratification of headline news. The film asks, via a carefully structured three-act narrative format, how society's obsession with bad news enables journalists to get attention online through distributing distorted material.

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