Tom Brook

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

Over the course of the past three years at Ara, it has become clear to me that film is something I am passionate about pursuing as a career. I had initially decided to focus on copyright for my final project. Instead, I opted to push copyright back to a minor role and centralise narrative, taking the time to expand on work I had done previously.

This decision derived from storytelling, being a part of the Motion Design programme that I’ve enjoyed the most. I love storytelling because of all the creative possibilities there are when creating. How I work is pretty much always starting with where I’d like a story to conclude and working back from there, but it is never set in concrete until I am happy with the story as a whole. It’s important to make sure the story flows nicely, nothing is out of place and that everything in following scenes serves the plot.

Mostly my stories are in the horror, crime and drama genres, but I’d love to expand my knowledge into making science fiction or fantasy stories come to life in film.  

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