Ryan Cox

Union 3-D House Printer

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

I’ve learnt many different techniques, especially the basic principles of animation which have helped with all the projects I’ve completed. My overall experience through this course has been pretty good, aside from being in lockdown for a lot of it.

At first, I thought that the main principles of animation were only important for the old style of animation and not for what I wanted to do, but you don’t realise how important it is for all animation and it’s something that I’ll use for the rest of my animating career.

I started this course wanting to focus on 3D animation, as that was the main style I enjoyed and worked on the most before starting. Being able to experience all these other forms of art - for example, 2D animation,game design and photography being some of my favourites - has broadened the art forms I use and will continue to use throughout my life. 3D animation will continue to be my main style of animation, but these other forms of art will contribute to my future projects and jobs.

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