Rhi Davey

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

My project is a game about vivisection. I believe that if the alternative methods to vivisection were better known, people would find vivisection absolutely unnecessary. I’m very passionate about both animals and videogames.

Thanks to my time at Ara, I now believe thorough research into a topic is a vital part of the creative process. I’ve found that key ideas of my projects came from things I didn’t previously know about a topic. For instance, when I was making my final project, I had no clue that cell cultures could be used instead of vivisection. This got me thinking about engaging ways to portray a cell culture, and this thinking helped me develop the main mechanics of my game.

I’ve enjoyed representing the topics we’ve studied in a creative way, especially when it's an ‘odd’ or ‘restrictive’ topic because it’s a fun challenge to push myself to pull something creative out of such topics. I’m grateful for what I’ve learnt at Ara, and I am looking forward to using what I’ve learnt in my future endeavours.  

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