Psalm Baldemoro

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

Gaming addiction is what my final project this year is about. I wanted to do this topic to raise awareness in my chosen audience of teens, young adults, and parents. As much as possible, I wanted it to be a personal thing for me and what I feel I should create, and so I approached this project by drawing a storyboard of real scenarios in a mix of creative and imaginative styles.

The things I most enjoyed during my study at Ara were figure drawing and animation. I’ve used Photoshop to draw the scenes for my final project, and to see my drawings come to life by creating an animation using After Effects makes it even more fun. I also enjoyed making characters and giving them a story by creating a storyboard. The storyboarding process has helped me to improve not only my drawing skills but also to see that there is more to just drawing and that I can write my own stories.

After graduating, the type of job that I’d like to do is probably towards illustration and drawing for animation. I’m also interested in freelance work. Commission work, doing animation and drawing for people will definitely be a way for me to grow more as an artist.  

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