Laura Wu

Surrealistic Minds

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

I’m a young creator with a passion for world building and abstract ideas. My interests in science fiction and eldritch beings served as a catalyst for pursuing Surrealistic Minds, a personal project established on the foundation of interweaving multiverses and extra-terrestrial beings. It responds to the personal challenge of depicting the psychology of cosmic horror and revelations far beyond existing representations of imaginary worlds.

My goal is to portray an unconventional narrative that incorporates elements of otherworldly beings and theories pertaining to the structures of our universe. For cinematic settings, I drew on a wide variety of sources, particularly Chinese, Norwegian, and Russian architecture.

I taught myself film direction techniques and created an animated trailer using Photoshop and After Effects to demonstrate my diverse skillset in direction, storyboarding/animatic, animation, and video editing.

After graduating, my goal is to enter the movie and television industry as a professional concept artist and storyboard artist. I also plan to continue my various personal projects in animation and graphic novels alongside my industry work.

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