Grace Taurima

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

My animation is made up of different, minimalistic landscapes that are blended together through transitions. The main aim of my project is to explore how colour affects our emotions. My interest in this stemmed from my original research in how game elements and mechanics influence player emotions. From there I examined game elements such as aesthetic and setting, which led me to the exploration of colour theory.

When beginning a project, I always have the approach of ‘keep it simple’, meaning to start simple and complicate it as you go. I believe that simplicity can be really effective when it's done well. This has been the basis of my process; to start with flat, basic, contrasting colours which are then further complicated using animation.

During my time at Ara, I've valued the freedom that we experience when creating projects. This allowed me to dive into my passion for game design and develop my skills and knowledge of how games function. I hope to continue with game design after I graduate, to be able to progress my knowledge further so that I can continue to do what I’m passionate about.

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