Duncan McRae

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

While they say a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s often the story which the image represents that captivates our interest. As such, although interacting with the products of these worlds was the drive behind my passion for art and my love of roleplaying and fantasy storytelling, it’s the lore and background that make them even more interesting to explore.  

This course has given me both the tools and opportunities to investigate and develop a greater understanding of the creation of an imaginary world, and the characters, creatures and environs it contains. The final project was the perfect chance to take this knowledge and build a narrative space where I could take inspiration from some of my favourite fantasy settings in entertainment and literature and bring it to a wider audience through illustration and written worldbuilding.  

My hope for this project is that it can serve as both the foundation upon which I can expand my knowledge of the creative process of character and environment design and as a setting to delve into as a roleplaying campaign or video game in the future.

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