Corey Walsh-Hare

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

Throughout my final year I’ve been studying the topic of adaptation, such as book to film, comic to film etc. One of the main concepts related to adaption is fidelity. Fidelity refers to the extent to which the adaptation reflects a faithful understanding of its source.

For my final project I applied my study of the topic of adaptation through creating concept art. I created concept art based on my interpretation of character descriptions from my selected sources I was adapting from. This helped loosely link my work through theme. In creating my project, I used an array of programs such as Photoshop to digitally draw and After Effects to further enhance my work. I collected numerous references to assist me in designing my characters and did many sketches before rendering. My project gave me the opportunity to further experiment with the programs I use and learn new techniques.  

Once I’ve completed my study, I’d like to continue developing my skills through different projects and working creatively.

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