Annabel Goh

Strange Wonderland

Bachelor of Design
Motion Design

In this final project, I wanted to work towards creating my own comic. I love stories and illustrations, so this is a good chance to put my own skills, ideas, and dreams into practice and bring them to reality.  

I began with the prompt where ‘a girl falls into a place coincidentally called Wonderland. That’s strange…’ hence the title Strange Wonderland. I brainstormed around the idea and theme, using my research resources, coordinating plot ideas with concept ideas such as character design and worldbuilding. My creative process includes establishing plot, character, and setting, and to arrange all three factors to draft a storyboard before finalising a complete graphic novel of my own.  

Learning the skills on the course was not only a great experience, but also enjoyable. I still plan to become a comic artist after graduation, but I also wish to continue developing additional skills and hope to work in other areas like animation, concept game design, motion graphics and freelance illustration.

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