Sheridan Drain

Chaos and the Consciousness

Bachelor of Design
Applied Visual Arts

My conceptual focus of this year - Chaos and the Consciousness - was influenced by multiple attempts to decipher the functioning of my own mind. I found that within the perceived disorder and randomness of life, there’s a chaotic predictability which determines how we respond to our surroundings and internal thoughts.

While the science behind human consciousness is not yet fully understood, there is no doubt that we, as people, evolve through connected interaction in a non-linear and unsurprising way. There is a hypothesis that these deterministic laws and patterns within our minds follow the cause and effect of chaos theory. A real-life applied example of chaos theory can be observed in the emergence of COVID-19, and its sweeping impact on global societies.

I’ve worked with this complex theme to create a series of dry point prints using brain anatomy to visually reflect my perception of how chaos theory can be applied to consciousness. In this non-objective body adornment work, I’ve manipulated a variety of textures and media. I’ve done this with the intention of depicting a random interaction with our environment and to

illustrate the way we grow along the evolving flow of time.

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