Nina Jones

The psychology behind what we wear

Bachelor of Design
Applied Visual Arts

After I completed a diploma in makeup artistry, I realised I didn’t like touching other people’s faces and that my creative passion could not be expressed through makeup alone. I decided to study the Bachelor of Applied Visual Arts, which has helped me recognise and develop my passions for printmaking, drawing and oil painting.

I’m still finding my identity as an artist and discovering and experimenting with what my individual style is. Intaglio is what I am most grateful to have learnt. I’ve been able to explore my ideas and appreciate the commitment and detail that goes into the art form. I’ve also been able to use textiles and fashion in my 3D projects, which I love doing in my spare time anyway.

My theme for this year has been broad - The psychology behind what we wear - and it’s let me produce very different artworks in both semesters. At the beginning of the year, I focused on how our emotions control our clothing choices, but this semester my work is inspired by how our clothing can control our day and be used as a form of communication.

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