Joanna Pitt

Bachelor of Design
Applied Visual Arts

I’m a lover of all things creative. The past three years have been delightfully challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’ve learnt so many new skills during my time in the Applied Visual Arts course. It has opened my eyes to new techniques and methods that I’d never used in my art practice before. I’ve developed a love for textile sculpture as well as ceramics, jewellery making and screen-printing.

This year I decided to focus on a personal topic, my experience of being a triplet. This body of work highlights the strong sense of connection I feel, as well as the role that identity plays within a group of three. I’m so grateful to share this unique experience with my two sisters. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time studying here and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for my supportive and talented classmates and tutors.

Beyond my studies, I seek to work in the creative industries. I’m not entirely sure what this looks like, but if it allows me to continue creating and being involved with hands-on work then I will be more than satisfied. Most importantly, I’m just excited to see where this next chapter will take me.

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