Courtney Harpur

Bachelor of Design
Applied Visual Arts

The aim of my work this year has been to portray the intelligence of crows and ravens through visual art. Crows and ravens display their intelligence in many ways. They’re able to create tools like knives and hooks. They can also remember peoples’ faces so they can leave gifts for those who kindly feed them or swoop down on those who wrong them with a mighty vengeance.

I have always had a fascination with crows and ravens, and have enjoyed learning more about them throughout the year. Despite their fearsome reputation, crows and ravens are intelligent, thoughtful creatures with a mischievous streak.

For my final project, I’ve focused on portraying the birds using their tools, the tools themselves, and the objects that they collect during their little bird adventures. I’ve also focused on drawing and printmaking to depict my ideas. Woodcut, in particular, has a natural feel that I’ve found is the best way to portray the birds. Doing lots of drawings has helped me form solid designs for my prints.

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