Christy Martyn

Bachelor of Design
Applied Visual Arts

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Ara overall, not only learning new skills and developing these techniques, but also working alongside a variety of other artistic people. Just being around others who are working creatively on their own ideas, with incredibly supportive tutors to help and guide us has been fun and uplifting. It’s this that’s helped me grow both as an artist and as a person, to be more open and inventive with my thinking and problem solving.

For my final project, I came up with a base narrative where humanity has discovered a new far-off planet and sends an explorer to discover and document the planet's surface and the life that lives on it. A major focus for this project was on world building, so this includes creating alien creatures and the landscapes they inhabit, and the human explorer along with their technology. There is also a focus on themes of exploration, human interactions with the unknown, as well as sustainable design and reflection. I would love to keep developing this world I’ve started, along with starting new projects and collaborations.

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