Pitch is the final exhibition of Ara third year Bachelor of Design students.

This year, the graduates specialisations are represented through a silver balloon.

The silver balloons show audiences that creativity can be fun, spontaneous and exciting, especially when one is willing to explore other avenues and possibilities that are not grounded in rules and regulations.

As it floats out into the world, we the graduates will too.

Overall, PITCH  is a celebration of creative ideas and the best work from students in Visual Communication, Applied Visual Arts, Motion Design, Fashion, and Photography
Kia ora tātou
Ara Bachelor of Design students have once again faced a challenging year that has, and continues to, transform the way we live and work.

Their journey to this point has been driven by tenacity, resilience, and commitment to pursue an employment pathway that annually contributes over ten billion to the country’s GDP and creates close to one hundred thousand jobs.

It has been our pleasure to facilitate this journey and to set the stage, through Pitch, for our graduates’ transition into New Zealand’s vibrant creative industries sector. Pitch showcases graduates’ practice-based explorations across multiple disciplines including applied visual arts, photography, motion design, fashion, and visual communication.

Rather than an end, Pitch represents the beginning of a lifetime of growth and learning as graduates pursue careers in a swiftly evolving environment that will inevitably reshape our thinking of what is possible in the creative work context.

Our graduates will be at the forefront of these shifts, and we look forward to seeing and celebrating the change they drive to ensure innovation and creativity continues to flourish in an increasingly digitally connected world.

Congratulations 2022 graduates and thank you to the teams at Ara that have supported their learning aspirations.

Dr Kathryn McCully

Manager Art/Design