Bachelor of Design

Tate Allan

Five More Minutes
With the rise of social media, young adults’ mental health has taken a massive toll. Growing up with unrealistic beauty standards and seeing our peers living lives that seem out of reach, Five More Minutes is about disconnecting and taking five mindful minutes to re-centre and accomplish your goals in your own time. Five More Minutes is a mindfulness-centred brand, focused on building small daily habits to help young adults navigate social, academic, and work pressures. My brand’s main outlet is an app that gives users a personalized five-minute daily task to work on their wellness goals and reflect. Even though Five More Minutes is about working on yourself it was important to integrate a sense of community so users didn’t feel isolated in their wellness journey, and could find like-minded people This is where physical components make an impact alongside the community function of the app that helps locate a range of events in your local community.
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