Bachelor of Design

Stacey Munro

Let's Talk Endo
Let’s Talk Endo is more than a brand; it represents a movement aimed at transforming the dialogue surrounding endometriosis and menstrual discomfort. Our mission is to eliminate the stigma associated with these conditions and empower women to discuss their experiences. We envision a world where no woman suffers silently, where endometriosis is as commonly understood as any health issue and where compassion and support are readily accessible. At Let’s Talk Endo, our commitment lies in raising awareness and providing an inclusive platform for women to share their stories, seek guidance and access information. Our goal is to bridge the gap in women’s healthcare by ensuring that every woman receives the attention and understanding she rightfully deserves. Come join us on our mission to enhance the quality of life and overall well-being for millions of women worldwide. Together we can dismantle barriers, and foster empathy. And create a future where women’s health takes precedence, leaving no one feeling isolated in their journey with endometriosis. Let’s Talk Endo—because each conversation brings us one step closer to making a difference.
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