Bachelor of Design

Ruby Myers

Her Way
The design industry prides itself on progressiveness, however, it faces a significant lack of female leaders and decision-makers. This diversity gap creates less successful design outcomes for our diverse target audience. To address this issue, we need greater diversity in studio leadership. This gender imbalance is not only seen in the design world, but across various industries. The main source of this issue in the design industry is the absence of strong female role models for the younger generation. Her Way is a publication dedicated to tackling this problem. Creating a path for young female designers, doing it Her Way. It aims to inspire them by featuring interviews with successful female designers sharing their career journeys, experiences, and creativity. By showcasing these role models, the aim is to empower and guide the next generation of female designers. Her Way takes a bold feminist design approach, introducing young designers to powerful female role models, while also making them relatable. The goal is to help aspiring designers see themselves in these accomplished figures. Her Way also aims to engage the creative minds of the target audience, through interesting and creative spread designs.
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