Bachelor of Design

Millie Crossland

EQUA is a project investigating the feminist stereotype. I found myself feeling confused and uncertain around identifying as a feminist due to the negative connotations that the feminist stereotype upholds. My chosen research question was, ‘To expand the understanding of feminism, how can I use fashion and photography as vehicles to overcome the negative stereotyping of feminists?’ What led to this concept was my growing interest in styling, fashion photography and typography, and how I can use these strong areas of my design skill set to bring a discussion around negative feminist stereotyping without the forceful, intense, and aggressive attributes that some feminists have been associated with in the past. I hope that through this project, I will be able to portray the feminist position from a genuine, perspective of equality and equity for all. I will be reminding my audience what the core values of feminism are, and that the stereotypical “raging feminist” does not define what feminism is. I am trying to communicate how no matter what gender we identify with, human beings share universal wants and needs.
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