Bachelor of Design

Milli Kami

Rave Me
Hi, I’m Milli Kami, I’m currently in my final year pursuing a Bachelor of Graphic Design at Ara City Campus in Christchurch. From a young age, I have been passionate about advertising and graphic design, cultivating a deep interest in this field. My project addresses the critical issue of men’s mental health, specifically targeting young adults and creating an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their emotions. This project aims to reduce stigma, increase awareness, and provide practical resources to support the mental well-being of young adult men. This project combines the excitement and energy of a rave-style card game with a focus on men’s mental health. By merging entertainment and education, “Rave Me” aims to engage young adults and break down barriers that prevent them from discussing their mental well-being. Through a creative and interactive card game, participants will explore essential aspects of mental health while enjoying a vibrant rave atmosphere.
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