Bachelor of Design

Maysa Lopes

For the past three years of my degree, I have developed an interest in typography and how letterforms can be informed by narrative content. Ouroboros is a funky high-contrast display typeface, ideal for headlines, titles and bold statements - a narrative font with a mission of reconciling heritage and new horizons. Inspired by my immigration to New Zealand from Brazil at the start of 2020, this typeface is a visual inquiry into how my identity has been shaped by both cultures, and the experience of coming of age in a different country. It seemed poetic for me to leave the final project of my degree to cover my huge quest for self-discovery and exploration of my ‘otherness’. Ouroboros was named after the ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail, a representation of self-destruction and rebirth, as I have come to realise during this project that life is nothing but a cycle - the destruction of an older ‘self’ through pain and conflict, and the birth of a new ‘self’ through growth and resilience.
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