Bachelor of Design

Lucy Moffitt

Eighty-one Percent
Burnout is a common phenomenon that most people experience at some point during their lives. Those living with diabetes deal with the additional challenge of diabetic burnout: the state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion caused by the demands of living with diabetes. We know that life, especially in our teenage years is already hard to navigate as it is, throw type 1 diabetes into the mix and it becomes a whole other mountain to climb. Combine diabetes burnout alongside navigating life as a teenager and it becomes a struggle that not every person knows how to get through or pull themselves out of. A survey done by Diabetes New Zealand showed that 81% of diabetics in New Zealand have experienced diabetes burnout at least once in their lives. Leaving 19% of those living their life without a form of burnout alongside their condition. Eighty-one Percent is an online magazine that gives diabetics an accessible tool that can not only help those with diabetes feel less alone, but also assist them in coping with a current or on coming diabetic burnout. The resources to connect, learn and grow within their journey aim to get them to reach the side of the 19% who feel free within their diabetes.
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