Bachelor of Design

Liam Swiggs

ENCXRE Diversity Survey
Welcome to the ENCXRE Diversity Survey—an essential exploration into the vibrant tapestry of the New Zealand electronic music scene. As the beats and rhythms of our diverse nation converge within the realm of electronic music, we embark on a journey to illuminate the melodies of cultural heritage, celebrate unity in sound, and amplify the voices that shape our musical landscape. This survey serves as an invitation, a chorus that invites local musicians to share unique experiences, insights, and perspectives. It’s an opportunity to be a part of a collective conversation that harmonizes the notes of diversity, inclusivity, and innovation. Through these valuable contributions, we aspire to unravel the intricate symphony of electronic music’s richness within our diverse Aotearoa community. Our voices are an essential thread woven into the fabric of change, and we are eager to listen, learn, and collaborate on composing a more harmonious and inclusive future for electronic music in Aotearoa.
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