Bachelor of Design

Kathura Gardner

My project is about the affect social media has on the way adolescents view their bodies. I chose this topic because I wanted to raise awareness of how damaging social media can be on teenagers, as well as highlighting the media portrayal of idealistic body types that contribute to this issue. Although social media is used to connect people, it also tends to take advantage of human habits such as comparing ourselves to others, which influences body dissatisfaction. A survey conducted in NZ by YWCA in June 2020 of 209 young women aged between 18-24, found that 3 in 4 feel negatively about the way they look on a daily basis, and 68% of those women will avoid fully participating in their lives when they don’t feel good about their bodies. 53% felt judged on their appearance by others on social media platforms. I wanted to create a campaign that will be a solution to this problem by encouraging limited time on social media, and more time prioritising mental and physical wellbeing. Flawnt is a campaign and brand targeted at adolescents to empower them, through the tagline “Flawnt your flaws”. Flawnt being a mixture of flaunt and flaw. It has tangible products that teenagers can interact with, rather than being on their devices.
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