Bachelor of Design

Jack Oetgen

Canterbury Football Club
Canterbury FC visualizes the concept of New Zealand having a second professional football team and a team that represents the South Island. The motto “We are the South”, instils a strong sense of regional pride and unity amongst the people of the South Island, promoting an exciting new sporting community that they can get behind. In a country where rugby takes the spotlight, Canterbury FC brings the winning values of Canterbury sports to a new sporting franchise, maintaining the forever iconic ‘Red and Black’ colours of Canterbury. This team is represented by the Haast eagle or the Pouākai, the largest eagle ever known to exist. Known for its formidable size, strength, and power, this large predator soared the skies of the South Island and embodies the values of the people of Canterbury, and the surrounding regions. The purpose of my project is to encapsulate elements of Canterbury and the South Island in order to promote my brand through design conventions. My work highlights my proficiency at using both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create a consistent, cohesive series of mockups and visual imagery.
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