Bachelor of Design

Inigo Holmes

Look at Toa as a beacon for young artists seeking a space to express themselves freely. Named after the Māori word for “brave” and “competent”, Toa represents a bold initiative designed to empower the next generation of artists in their creative process. The project’s core value lies in its dedication to creating collaborative communities, recognizing that young creatives often face challenges in finding career pathways and opportunities for artistic growth. Conceptually, Toa is a makerspace—a place where young creatives can come to experiment with various art forms. The makerspace serves as a high-quality, collaborative environment equipped with resources and tools to encourage creative exploration. Toa also extends its reach to schools, inviting high school art classes to participate in competitions. These contests involve customising Toa’s unique typeface, offering students a chance to showcase their creativity and compete for recognition and prizes. This project pushed me to learn 3D design software. I’m always quick to learn new software and have fun doing so. I’m looking for a role where I can support a keen team and push my design skills further.
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